Technical Features

raceBIBup magnets
resistance over time


The two magnets are different from each other. The upper magnet, which includes the graphics or design is larger than the inner one (2.5 cm) precisely because it must guarantee more grip at the bib.
However, the weight remains always very low. The internal magnet is smaller (1.5 cm) thin to prevent chafing during use.

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Magnet power
resistance over time


We have inserted special large and thin magnets. The neodymium coating prevents the magnet from rotting over time and perspiration.
1.6kg force of attraction.
Guarantees grip on all materials and atmospheric conditions.


Both magnets are smooth at the edges and have no sharp edges or smudges to ensure maximum resistance to impact.
In the upper magnet the metal that surrounds it provides more anchorage and strength.
We have the quality, power, strength, and weight among the best in the market.


The raceBIBups can be used in all sports where sporting numbers are used for racing (running, cycling, dancing, riding etcc). They do not interfere with electronic timing systems and do not lose power over time and in any weather.

Recommended cy the best marketplace

The Racebibup are the best magnets in the market and are racomended dy the best marketplace in europe, this thanks to continuous tests and product improvements.